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Max-Pegs TM

250-450mm with 40-50kg spring action tent anchor

Maxcons tent pegs for general use anchor gazebos, tents, storm nets, silver reflective cover sheets, and caravan tents in any wind on solid soil.
Use Maxcons sand anchors for beachfront use.

Max-Storm Pegs

450mm with 85kg spring action tent anchor

Maxcons storm pegs for heavy use anchor gazebos, tents, storm nets, silver reflective sheets, caravan tents, and light airplanes in soft soil and coastal camping sites.

Max-Thor Hammer

Poly-urethane coated steel hammers

Max-Thor hammers are durable and use kinetic energy with steel balls inside to drive Maxcons pegs into the hardest soil with little effort.

Max-Peg Reflectors

Slider over springs for night visibility

Maxcons peg reflectors reflect even in low light to ensure your Maxcons pegs are visible during the night.

Max-Guy Ropes

Max-Guy ropes are made from strong braided cord and include a Max-rope slider.

The braided rope provides additional strength without stretching and together with the rope slider it creates an infallible anchor when used within the Maxcons pole anchoring system.

Maxcons Mini Camper

The Max Mini Camper is a product proudly designed and developed by Maxcons Leisure from the floor up. Before we started with this product, we looked at a couple of aspects and listened carefully to our client needs as well as looking at our own experience’s while camping.


Max-Zebo is a strong, lightweight, ripstop gazebo that withstands strong winds and gusts.

Maxcons gazebos are high-quality, well-designed gazebos in a class of their own. Do not compare our gazebos with flimsy commercial nylon fleamarket gazebos.


The Max-Tent is a tent that sets up effortlessly, provides ample space and is made from durable ripstop material.

It erects effortlessly and consists of panels that zip together from roof to floor and is completely wind and waterproof.

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