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Max-Reflective Sheet

R 1,560.00R 6,240.00

This innovative product reflects heat and keeps your tent or caravan cool, even on the hottest of days.

It is the perfect reflective cover for your tent.

Its compact size when folded up to 70 x 70 x 30cm and weight of only 15kg, make it easy to transport and store.

With the included inflatable balls, you can effortlessly lift the reflective sheet away from your tent canvas, ensuring maximum airflow and a comfortable environment.

The Maxcons reflective sheet is manufactured with durable reinforced webbing, eliminating any potential stress on the fabric.

The reflective sheet is made on order


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 30 cm

4m x 3m, 5m x 3m, 6m x 3m, 7m x 3m, 8m x 3m, 4m x 6m, 5m x 6m, 6m x 6m, 7m x 6m, 8m x 6m


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