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Max-Tent Exclusive

R 37,500.00

Max-Tent Exclusive includes:

  • 1x Max-Tent
  • 2x Max-Zebos
  • 2x Side Panels
  • 6 x 3m Ground Sheet

Waiting period of 20 working days, depending on stock availability.

* Excludes camping equipment.



Our Max-Tent Exclusive has ample room inside standing upright with headroom to spare. The floor is made from PVC and gives you flowing water proofing up to a depth of 20cm. Our max-Tent is durable, easy to clean and should last forever. Every single panel zips onto the next on both sides, to the roof and to the floor, making erecting it a piece of pie, even for the inexperienced camper.

The joining Max-Zebo becomes the kitchen or leisure area. This piece has 2 side panels, keeping the elements at bay.

The 2 roofs are joined with a canvas gutter to prevent you from getting rained on when you pass from the Max-Zebo to the Max-Tent.

The stable door sits to the left of the front panel and includes a half door fiber gauze window. To the right of the door is another smaller window that allows a flow of fresh air.

One can add more Max-Zebos and/or tents to all 3 sides of the Max-Zebo. Inside the tent you have access to all the zips and there is no need to go outside to close windows and doors should the rain catch you off guard. This is also a security feature with no zips accessible from the outside, except for the door where you can lock the double tab zips with a small padlock.

Besides the window design making the windows rain proof it also provides outstanding privacy even when they are open on the inside. The Max-Tent Exclusive is the only tent with no less than 5 escape exits (each corner and the door) should a fire break out.

Additional information

Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 200 × 50 × 50 cm

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