About Max-Aero Pegs

Our Max-Aero Pegs are designed to keep aircraft anchored in windy conditions.

The Max-Aero Peg system is a complete system to tie your plane to the ground and works on the basic principles of our tent pegs. The springs are much stronger due to the leverage that is created by the wingspan. It is a system of closed loops that ensures nothing can unhook, keeping your aeroplane safe when parked overnight at a foreign airfield.

The Max-Aero peg kit includes:

  • 7x 350mm x 8mm spring steel pegs
  • 2x chain links
  • 2x 125kg wing springs
  • 2x 600kg cam buckles
  • 1x 5m tail webbing strap and cam buckle
  • 1x 1.5m front wheel webbing strap with a cam buckle
  • 6x carabiners with a breaking point of 1.5t
  • We can include a hammer at an additional cost
Max-Aero Pegs

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